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Have you given students and staff the right amount of cycle parking?

Upgrading cycle facilities and providing safe, sufficient bike storage are important factors when it comes to the health and wellbeing of students and employees.

A recent survey from Sustrans reveals that 49% of children aged 6-15 are worried about air pollution near their school and over 57% describe the environment around their school as having too many cars.

Local authorities are pledging to make walking, cycling, and scooting an intrinsic part of traveling to schools, universities, local meeting areas, and places of work for those who can.

Visit the report here:

So what can you do?

Ask yourself the following questions when it comes to cycle parking on your latest project:

  • Have you provided sufficient cycle spaces close enough to car parking spaces?
  • Is the cycle parking in public view?
  • Is it sheltered?
  • Is it well-lit? Does it receive natural sunlight? And if not, have you provided for this?
  • Will it be well-maintained in this location?
  • Does your cycle parking cater for both existing and potential/suppressed demand?
  • Have you provided the cycle repair facilities that are needed?
  • Are any shelters accessed via access control or are they lockable?
  • Which type of cycle racks are suitable for users?
  • Have you considered the need for electric charging points?

There are a whole host of questions around this topic that we can speak through with yourself, with Architects, Buyers, Estimators and installation teams. The Bellsure amenity team are always on hand to provide technical help and free space planning services.

Please email the team today on or call 01730 719 292.

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