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The NEW Hydraulic self-closing hinge

  • Two adjustment screws, one for the latching speed and one for the closing speed, which gives you greater control over the closing
    action of the door
  • Our hydraulic hinges have TÜV certification EN 1154 that levels them to all intents and purposes to floor springs, even if they have a
    higher performance (over 90% for the hinges vs 50-60% of traditional floor springs).
  • Various finishes including Black, SSS and PSS (dependent on stock)
  • Frame version can be used on profiles with a rebate depth between 30mm and 50mm
  • For maximum door weights of 100kg or 120kg depending on application (see applications summary on page 3)
  • To suit glass thickness 8-21.52mm
  • Left hand and right hand options available
  • Options for hold open at 90° or hold open at 180°


  • EVO Dummy hinge, without closing mechanism and anti-wind brake
  • Only to be used in conjunction with hydraulic self-closing hinges
  • Available for glass-to-frame applications and glass-to-glass


Glass to Frame

EVO Hinge 90O HO LH – 1.022.0E10.0LH.07
EVO Hinge 90O HO RH – 1.022.0E10.0RH.07
EVO Hinge 180O HO LH – 1.022.0E11.0LH.07
EVO Hinge 180O HO RH – 1.022.0E11.0RH.07
EVO Dummy Hinge LH – 1.022.SE10.0LH.07
EVO Dummy Hinge RH – 1.022.SE10.0RH.07

Glass to Glass

EVO Hinge 90O HO LH – 1.022.0E50.0LH.07
EVO Hinge 90O HO RH – 1.022.0E50.0RH.07
EVO Hinge 180O HO LH – 1.022.0E51.0LH.07
EVO Hinge 180O HO RH – 1.022.0E51.0RH.07
EVO Dummy Hinge LH – 1.022.SE50.0LH.07
EVO Dummy Hinge RH – 1.022.SE50.0RH.07

Contact our friendly team today on 01730 719 292 with your new project enquiry or email For more information on glass cut-out visit us online at

*All product codes above are for SSS finish – please ask the team for other finishes.

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