Cambridge Railway Station

Cycle storage in especially limited space. Cambridge Rail Station needed cycle storage but its Grade II Listed Building status meant any new installation had to fit into the space available. Bellsure had just the solution.

Bellsure had just the solution for cycle storage at Cambridge Railway Station

Bellsure provided:

  • Streetsure double decker cycle storage

The old Victorian station was undergoing significant development and the list of much-needed improvements included cycle storage.

However, as with the rest of the station, the space was limited and could not be expanded due to the rules and regulations around Listed buildings.

Bellsure assessed the site and decided that our Streetsure double-decker cycle racks would be perfect, allowing us to provide 1300 cycle parking spaces where other manufacturers may only be able to offer half the number.

The brace frame of our double-decker systems is a popular feature and improved the quality, security and usability of cycle parking for commuters cycling to the station.

“Now that our double-decker racks are installed, Cambridge Rail Station has the honour of being the home of the largest single bike park in the UK.”

Roland Ware, Streetsure Sales Manager, Bellsure Streetsure

Bellsure - the best bicycle storage solution at Cambridge Railway Station
Cycle storage from Bellsure at Cambridge Railway Station
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