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London Waterloo Station

Double the cycle storage for Britain’s busiest train station. Following the transport minister’s pledge to improve cycle parking at train stations, Bellsure’s double-decker stacking system was chosen over others for London Waterloo.


Bellsure provided:

  • Streetsure double-decker storage

The Government was keen to make it easier for people to combine cycling with public transport by making the beginning and end of their journeys – from home to bus or train and back again – as simple as possible.

We won a coveted contract to create additional cycle spaces along the taxi road at London Waterloo. Our proposal included a detailed site plan (which took a full two days to draw up) and we maximised capacity with our innovative double decker cycle parking system.

The brace frame on our double decker system gives cyclists three locking options, enabling them to attach their bike to it by looping a separate chain around each of the wheels and the bike frame itself. This unique feature ensures the bikes are extra secure and gives the cyclists complete peace of mind.

Thanks to our double decker system, the number of cycle spaces at London Waterloo has increased from 212 to 534. Having designed and installed the new cycle parking facility, we are now responsible for its on-going maintenance.

“We selected Bellsure to supply and install the double decker cycle parking solution at Waterloo Station due to their fast response to our enquiry, free design and effective space planning service, very reasonable pricing and high quality products.”

Quantity Surveyor, Osborne Rail

Waterloo Station Cycle Parking Project is formally opened
Waterloo Station Cycle Parking
Waterloo Station Cycle Parking
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